What renovations require a permit nyc?

Most construction in New York City requires Department of Buildings approval and permits. Some minor alterations can be made without a work permit, painting, plastering, installation of cabinets* Replacement of plumbing fixtures, Repaving floors* Repair of non-structural roofs. Many home improvement projects in New York City require permits. Major repair and change projects, such as structural works, electrical, heating and plumbing, are projects that will require a permit with certainty.

Simple repairs usually do not require a permit, but for major changes, you should check with the local construction department for a permit. Even if you find a cheap New York apartment in affordable New York City neighborhoods, permission for major changes and renovation projects is a must. But don't worry about some New York City renovation projects, such as painting, replacing bathroom fixtures, installing shelving, etc. A permit is usually not required.

The question is often asked, “when is it not necessary to submit plans and get a permit. Although it is not a clear topic, the Building Code and RCNY 101-14 address this issue. As the list of Minor Alterations was not clear, the Construction Department issued an RCNY 101-14, which clarifies exactly what is exempt from filing. When renovating a building constructed before April 1, 1987, you must test for asbestos in areas that will be affected by the renovation.

You'd be better off prioritizing a complete bathroom renovation or tearing down a wall to create a more open floor plan.

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