Is remodeling a bathroom a good investment?

In resale, mid-range renovations recover 67.2% of their costs, while high-level renovations recover 60.2%. A bathroom renovation, for example, is one of the best interior renovations that can pay off when it's time to sell. Most properties with renovated bathrooms sell at a higher price and faster than homes that require major upgrades. As you would expect, carefully considered bathroom ideas and remodeling are the top priority for homeowners.

In fact, Beatrice de Jong, a consumer trend expert at Opendoor (opens in a new tab) and a brokerage associate, believes that a good bathroom remodel will “increase the resale value of a home.” If your home doesn't have enough bathrooms to accommodate an average family and a few guests, you might consider adding another bathroom to increase the value. For example, if you have a house with only one bathroom or a disproportionate number of bedrooms and bathrooms, adding an extra bathroom can be a smart move. While a bathroom renovation may not necessarily mean a lot of money when you sell your house, it can bring you more enjoyment while you live there. If you plan to sell your home sometime in the near future, you'll likely enjoy a higher ROI on renovation work if you hire a licensed and experienced bathroom remodeler near you to complete the job.

A mid-range remodel is the only type of cost universally designed bathroom remodel surveyed in the report, but it offers the highest performance of any bathroom remodeling project. Routinely, housing experts cite bathroom remodeling as one of the best renovation projects you can undertake if you want to increase your home's resale value and appeal to potential buyers. If you're considering a remodel or renovation solely to increase the resale value of your home, keep in mind that while 33% of realtors recommended a renovation to their sellers, only 4% of homeowners reported that it helped them close a sale. If you don't have the desire or time to do a complete bathroom remodel and are looking for that effective change that will make a big difference in the bathroom, it's time to explore ideas for bathroom vanities.

However, you'll almost certainly enjoy your renovated bathroom more than if you lived in an old-fashioned space. If you absolutely need to remodel the bathroom in your Dallas area home, a mid-range bathroom remodel can generate a return of 72.7 percent. From complete bathroom remodeling to minor detail updates, the bathroom has a lot of potential to sell your property and attract buyers. Real estate agents know from experience that renovated bathrooms can make your home stand out and attract buyers, while old and dated fixtures can reduce its appeal.

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