How much does it cost to redesign a bathroom uk?

As a guide, you can expect to pay a total of £1,500 to £7,500 for the complete bathroom remodel including materials. The average cost of bathroom remodeling in the UK is around £4,500. While you can get a good assessment of the estimated costs when planning work on your bathroom, the final figure may vary. Our recommended installers quoted a range of £160 to £210 for small jobs, such as installing a pedestal sink with faucets, while larger tasks such as tiling a bathroom came with an average fee of around £85 per square meter.

Another reason why bathroom installation costs may vary is due to the location or region in which you live. For example, in a large urban area, where there are many competing merchants, you may be able to find a plumber who will complete their jobs at a slightly lower cost than we have estimated. However, for those who live in London, where weekly earnings are £152 higher than the UK average, they can usually add an additional 10% to 20% to our estimated bathroom installation costs. You can also expect to pay a little more if you live in a remote location, such as a village or island.

Now, we have detailed the installation costs of the bathroom, it's time to consider how much your new bathroom will cost. Depending on your needs, your bathroom products will add, on average, another £1,500 to your installation budget. However, these costs may vary, depending on whether you have a large bathroom or if you choose more conventional items instead of luxury add-ons. Installing a new wall and floor covering in the form of tiles and floors can increase the total price of the bathroom.

Tiles are usually priced per square meter and can be purchased from around £14 per square meter. Similarly, laminate or vinyl flooring can be an economical option for your new bathroom, starting at around £22 per square meter. Whether your bathroom needs a complete renovation with demolition down to the studs, or you just want to update fixtures and flooring, a bathroom remodel requires perfect planning to stay on budget and get the job done in a timely manner. A professional bathroom renovation team will work according to a well-established schedule to maximize efficiency and reduce discomfort in your home.

While total bathroom renovation costs will help you determine your overall budget, it's often helpful to know how much you expect to pay for those individual tasks. Then there is the fact that all bathrooms and tastes are different, so you really need a completely personalized budget for your bathroom before committing. With a standard bathroom, containing a toilet, a sink and a suite, which costs just £245, plus faucets, showers, tiles, flooring and heating, you expect an overall budget of around £8,000 for a typical bathroom. A popular choice for many new bathroom renovations, mixer showers are becoming more common in UK bathrooms.

Doing homework will make a big difference, both in the cost of renovating the bathroom and in the fluidity of the project. We can also carry out the entire bathroom installation for you, with your own installation project coordinator and fully insured and accredited bathroom installers. At Victoria Plum, you'll find plenty of inspiration for your next bathroom renovation, including style guides, image galleries, customer bathrooms, and more. It's essential to know exactly what you're getting into, especially if you're planning your first bathroom renovation yourself.

Even considering these variables, it is still possible to give an estimate of the type of bathroom renovation costs you can expect. The Eden Bath Suite with Straight Bath by Orchard Bathrooms is available from only £399.

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