How do i choose a bathroom renovation?

The Bathroom Planning Guide offers tips for choosing the right bathroom fixtures, vanities, countertops, toilets, flooring, lighting and special features for. Even if the contractor includes licenses and bonuses on their site, don't assume everything is valid or up to date. Check with the city agency for licenses. If you're looking to beautify your bathroom, check out our expert tips for every budget level, from a modest makeover to a major remodel.

Renovating a bathroom is an exciting task. But before choosing the latest tile or bathtub design, there are a few less interesting things to consider to make your project just the way you dream it would be. Because renovating a bathroom can be overwhelming, time-consuming and costly, we put together a simple 15-point checklist to make sure your project stays on track and that the renovation goes smoothly. Choose reputable merchants for your bathroom renovation.

Appoint an electrician right from the start of the bathroom remodel. Two or three days, depending on the location of the bathroom, as this would affect how quickly workers can remove debris. Nerhood recommends staying away from hardwood, as it is not the best thing to remodel bathrooms because of the amount of water and steam in the room. Some like general contracting rather than specializing in bathroom remodeling projects, which isn't a bad thing.

If you don't already know, you should get an idea of how much you want to spend on renovating your bathroom. Whether you are plumbers, builders, decorators or electricians, always choose a reputable merchant and research the bathroom renovators you choose. Modular furniture can also be wall-mounted, making effective use of space in bathroom areas prone to clutter. Beyond what's already in your home improvement toolbox, there are some handy tools you can keep handy for bathroom renovation.

Considering your goals, floor plan and budget, consider all the possibilities you can include in your bathroom and focus on the options that meet your needs. Assuming no major site disturbances occur, a typical bathroom remodel by a specialist contractor will take two to four weeks to complete. Instead, this larger bathroom remodeling project is made up of a range of smaller, more defined subprojects. When remodeling your bathroom with a contractor, in addition to using new building materials, you also have the option of recycling usable materials from your existing bathroom.

Therefore, ask your contractor to carefully remove existing moldings at the beginning of the project and reuse them for your new bathroom. That rules out a low-cost cosmetic bathroom remodel, unless you install a new tile over the old one and repaint the tub by repainting it (spraying on a new finish) or installing a custom-made fiberglass covering over it.

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